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There has never been an ideal time to invest in bitcoin like now. According to Al Jazeera, bitcoin’s current value has reached an all-time high in nearly three years. At Toronto Bitcoin Center, we have collated frequently asked questions to help you better understand bitcoin trading and assist you along your journey if you’re thinking of investing in Canadian bitcoins.

FAQS About Buying and Selling Bitcoin in Canada and Why Choose Us

We’ll start with the basics of bitcoin in Canada:

What is bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a digital currency in computer algorithms and not actual coins, as most people wrongly believe. Satoshi Nakamoto first created it in 2008. Since then, it has grown to be one of the best-performing assets in today’s world. 

Is Bitcoin Legal in Canada?

Yes, it is. You can legally buy and sell bitcoin in Canada. It is, however, not considered legal tender. What this means is it is not supported in government institutions, including banks and credit unions. Nevertheless, most businesses and individuals do use bitcoin.

Where Can I Buy Bitcoin in Canada?

You can buy bitcoin online in Canada through our exchange service or in person by visiting our Toronto Center located at 5775 Yonge Street.

How Do You Buy Canada Bitcoin?

First, you’ll need personal identification documents, a digital wallet, an account at our crypto exchange, and a payment method. The process is fairly fast and straightforward. Then, you need to present your bill. The QR code that corresponds to your bitcoin wallet will be scanned. Next, the cash or whatever currency you gave will be converted to bitcoin and sent to your bitcoin wallet address.

What Form of Payments Do You Accept?

We like to give our clients a variety of payment options. These include bank draft, debit, Interac e-Transfer, and cash. Please note the payment method you choose affects the time it takes for bitcoin to reflect in your wallet. That said, it should take a couple of minutes—an hour at most.

Why Choose Us?

We were named among the most reputable crypto exchanges in Canada by the FinTech Group. Our standards of client dedication are unsurpassed. While most crypto exchanges operate online, we prefer a more personalized, face-face human connection. This is way safer than wiring funds to an internet-based exchange that could be fraudulent. It also provides a better experience as we have professional, knowledgeable, top of the line cryptocurrency experts to help you make informed decisions as you trade.

We also offer the best rates in the foreign currency market. For transparency, these rates are usually live on our website. Rest assured, we pay meticulous attention to the safety and confidentiality of our customers.

Additionally, we support various exotic currencies. You can buy bitcoin and ethereum in Canada, among other currency forms, including silver, gold, and platinum bullion at our center. We complete transactions within the same day and offer 24/7 customer support if our customers need any help or clarification.

Venture into Bitcoin and Grow Your Investment Portfolio with Us

Our team is committed to giving our new and regular clients timely and helpful responses and guiding you on how to buy Canada bitcoin. Contact Toronto Bitcoin Center to buy and sell bitcoin in Canada, gold, cash, or any other form of real money on 416 488 9841.

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